Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Sometimes the sharing of a life experience with a psychotherapist enables a person to make important decisions with clarity and achieve a balance in their life. For some people, longer-term therapy will be necessary in order to gain deeper insight and a fuller understanding of themselves.

What can assist in this experiential process is the deepening and expanding of core emotions which in time enlivens the relationship to self and to the therapist, leading to more meaningful connections within couple, family and colleague relationships.

Whether the need for support is due to depression, anxiety, stress, disordered eating, infertility, bereavement, relationship difficulties, tension between professional and personal life, the transition from one stage of life to another, including the process of ageing - and for any life crisis - I am available to discuss whatever might be helpful.

I aim to provide a secure base, from which an individual is invited to explore their relationships, with an awareness of differing spiritual and cultural needs and equally of feelings about separation and loss and how these may impact on their life. At its best perhaps what a psychotherapist offers a person is a little of what was needed emotionally in their past, here and now in their present.

As a psychotherapist, I work intuitively and empathically alongside a person exploring the meaning of their experience as an individual, within family and other significant relationships, or in their professional life. Whether a person is suffering through to the expression of joy and of love. With particular attention to how the therapy relationship between therapist and their patient is drawn to a close.

Blake's Job: Adventures in Becoming

Blake's Job: Adventures in Becoming, by Jason Wright

In Blake's Job: Adventures in Becoming, just published, Jason Wright analyses William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job and shows their relevance in clinical psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with groups and individuals, especially while working with patients who have experienced trauma and addiction.

Eco Psychology

An invitation to be in contact with and find expression in ourselves and in relationship to the natural world around us, in the UK and globally.

A space to process anxieties and fears about how we understand and make sense of what is happening to our precious planet Earth and our part in shaping its future for us, and future generations, undoing aloneness in the safe context of the consulting room.

"The sudden silence from the wood
...telling me that I have lost
The possibility of good."
- James Fenton

Finding W. H. Hudson

Finding W. H. Hudson: The Writer Who Came to Britain to Save the Birds, by Conor Mark Jameson

In Finding W. H. Hudson: The Writer Who Came to Britain to Save the Birds, Conor Mark Jameson tells the story of Hudson's pioneering role as a campaigner...revealing [his] deep influence on the creation of his beloved Bird Society (now the RSPB) by its founding women, and the rise of the conservation movement.

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