AEDP - Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

I lead AEDP Development and co-present Hold Me Tight Workshops at the Bowlby Centre, London.

I have completed the Immersion and Essential Skills 1 and 2 in AEDP, an approach to working with attachment trauma, with Diana Fosha in New York; and AEDP for Couples Hybrid Course with David and Karen Mars, also in New York.

AEDP is an attachment-based and experiential way of working with individuals that aims to
Undo Aloneness at the core of client self and fully encourages positive growth in the client's relationships.

AEDP engages clients in the process of healing from the first moment of therapy. It honors somatic experience, emotion and the therapy relationship to melt defences; and tracks, and meta-processes, frozen emotions to awaken innate healing energy.

By working with trauma and loss and the painful consequences, therapist and client work together to discover places within that have always been strong. The AEDP therapist aims to support an accelerated healing process moving a client from a distant and defended stance to a gradual softening and the release of authentic emotion.

AEDP privileges a subtle, powerful focus with sensitive attunement - accompanied by the courageous heart of both therapist and client.

Integrated Dance Movement, drawing, Isabelle Gusty 2013
Integrated Dance Movement VIII, drawing, Isabelle Gusty

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